Privacy Policy

Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robotics Association (hereinafter referred to as 'TAIROA') attaches great importance to the privacy of its members and complies with the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Act. For these reasons, we have formulated a Privacy Policy, the content of which is provided below for your reference.

A. Security of Personal Information

Protecting the personal privacy of our members is an important part of TAIROA’s business philosophy. We will never provide the personal information of our members to any third party unrelated to the services of this website without the relevant member's consent. Members should take appropriate care to keep their own Internet passwords and personal information confidential. Do not provide any of your personal information, especially your Internet password, to anyone. After using the services provided by TAIROA B2B's website, please ensure you log out of your account. If you share a computer with others or use a public computer, please remember to close the browser window after use.

B. Collection, Processing and Use of Personal Information

Personal information obtained from TAIROA's relevant website(s) is only provided for internal use by TAIROA and event organizer in accordance with the original description of purpose and scope of usage. Unless with a prior notice, or for compliance with relevant laws, TAIROA will not provide such information to a third party, or use it for other purposes.
1. Purpose of information collection: The purpose of information collection is to conduct surveys, and statistical research and analysis on marketing, consumer and customer management and services, online shopping and other e-commerce services (legally specified purpose item numbers O4O, O9O, 148, and 157). TAIROA will utilize the process of membership joining or the process of trading to collect personal information.
2. Categories of personal information collected: information collected on the Internet by TAIROA include:
2.1 C001 Personal identification data: such as members' names, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and so forth.
2.2 C011 Personal description data: such as sex, date of birth and so forth.
3 Period, region, target and methods of use:
3.1 Period: Up until the date on which the party with membership requests cessation of use or the date on which TAIROA discontinues the service.
3.2 Region: Members' personal information will be used in the Taiwan region.
3.3 Target and methods of use: In addition to use by TAIROA in retrieval and querying for membership administration, customer management and so on, personal information collected will also be used in determining identity, in financial services, in marketing and publicity, and other like matters. Examples of use are given below:
a. When using any of the various services provided by TAIROA as a member, membership information is automatically displayed on the webpage.
b. Promotional advertising or marketing, etc.: we provide members with various electronic promotional materials and other information. Through e-mail, telephone and other such means, we provide information related to our services. Taking the content or advertising featured on pages browsed by members, personalization is carried out, services used are analyzed, new services are developed and existing services are improved on according to the customer's personal attributes or purchase records, records of browsing on TAIROA's website and so forth. With respect to the opinions expressed by members through surveys, activities, message boards, and so on, we will carry out liaison.
c. Replying to customer inquiries: We respond to inquiries by members via e-mail, mail, fax, telephone or any other direct or indirect means of contact.
d. Other matters incidental to business: Usage necessary for the purpose of TAIROA providing services concomitant with A to D's aforementioned examples.
e. Other: When providing individual services, personal information may also be used outside of the above-stated purposes. At such times, the substance of the individual service will be stated on the relevant webpage.
4 Members’ right to personal information: The parties on whom TAIROA collects personal information may, at his or her own expense, exercise the following rights towards TAIROA in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act:
4.1 The right to make queries or requests to read information collected on them.
4.2 The right to request copies of information collected.
4.3 The right to request the supplementing or correcting of information collected
4.4 The right to request cessation of collection, processing or use.
4.5 The right to request deletion of information collected. Should a member wish to exercise the above rights, he or she can contact TAIROA's customer services to make an application.
5 Please note! If you refuse to provide the required information necessary to become a member, it may result in failure to enjoy our full services or the inability to use a particular service.

C. Information Security

To protect the privacy and security of our members, the information contained in TAIROA membership accounts is password protected. TAIROA makes great efforts to ensure the security of all personal information through reasonable technologies and procedures.

D. Check or Correction of Personal Information

Members can contact our Customer Service Center to make inquiries about or to read their personal information, for copies to be made, to supplement or correct information, to cease computer processing and use of such information, or to delete it, and so forth. TAIROA will handle such matters promptly.

E. Amendment of Privacy Protection Policy

As the market environment changes, TAIROA (TAIROA B2B) will make occasional revisions to the website's Privacy Policy Statement. Should members have any questions regarding the website's Privacy Policy Statement or relevant matters pertaining to personal information, they may contact us either by e-mail or at TAIROA's Customer Service Center to expedite the procedure.