About Us

About Us

Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robotics Association (TAIROA) has been established for 36 years, since the 8th of June in 1984. It is the most representative association in Taiwan’s intelligence manufacturing and service industries.
TAIROA commits the expertise and strength in production, learning, researching, and government to integrate the manufacturing engineering, automation technology, precision machinery, molds, communications, semiconductors, image display, materials, information, electronic, medical care, education, services, etc.
In order to promote international exchanges and to become and open platform for intelligent automation and robotics expertise changes or any other cross-industry alliances; cross-industry alliances and cooperation, organize domestic and overseas trade promotion and expertise exchange groups, and host the largest robotics and automation industry exhibition, which will have a large influence to Taiwan’s robotics and intelligent automation industries.
Eric Y. T. Chuo

Honorary Chairman,
Chairman,HIWIN Tech.

Dr. Han-Pang Huang

Honorary Chairman Distinguished

Dr.-Ing. Kou-I Szu

Chairman President,
HIWIN Microsystem

Mr. Cheng-Hsing Chen

Vice Chairman,
Chairman, GPM

Mr. Feng-Chun Tsai

Vice Chairman
Chairman, SHA YANG YE

TAIROA Members

183 Companies cover 391 private sectors
75 Individuals
*Statistics by Aug 2020

TAIROA Organization Chart

Our Service

  1. On-job Training
  2. Credential Test
  3. Workshops & Short courses
  1. TAIROS & Automation Taipei Exhibition
  2. Periodicals/Website
  3. Domestic & Global Marketing Networking
Industry Services
  1. Forum/Seminar
  2. Interchange Platform
  3. Implament Robot Testing & Certification
  1. 1Develop Robot Standard
  2. 1Implement Testing &Certification
  3. 1TARS-Certify Robot Mark